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CHARACTER: Old Age, Fantasy & Tattoos, Beards &
Mustaches, Bald Cap,Injury Simulations (Burns, Cuts,
Bulletholes, etc.) - Prosthetics
aleta THREE BELOW ZERO....RKNY Productions - Key Makeup
Artist ( Wes Bentley),Simon Aeby, Director
DREAMHOUSE.... POV Productions - Key Makeup Artist (Anthony Haden-Guest, Joey Arias); Adam Amdur, Dir.
KILL ME AGAIN.... Propaganda Films - Asst. Makeup
Artist (Val Kilmer, Joanne Whalley-Kilmer); John Dahl,
ZOOLANDER.... Additional makeup artist (Ben
Stiller,Will Ferrell, Christine Taylor, Owen Wilson)
Dir.B.Stiller NY
RESERVATION ROAD...Additional makeup artist (Joaquin
Phoenix ,Elle Fanning,Jennifer Connelly ,Mark Ruffalo)
Dir. Terry George CT
GRACIE...Additional makeup artist Dir. Davis
Guggenheim NJ
REVOLUTIONARY ROAD...Additional makeup artist
(Leonardo DiCaprio,Kate Winslet,Kathy Bates,Kathryn
Hahn,Michael Shannon) DIR. Sam Mendes CT
  SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.... Additional Makeup Artist, NBC,
TODAY SHOW.... Additional Makeup Artist, NBC, NY

THE EARLY SHOW.... Additional Makeup Artist.CBS,NY
60 MINUTES.... Additional Makeup Artist.CBS,NY
DATELINE.... Stone Phillips Makeup Artist, NBC,NY
NIGHTLY NEWS.... Tom Brokaw, Brian Williams ,Makeup
Artist, NBC, NY
LOEWS.... Key Makeup Artist, Doug Liman Director, RSA
Productions NY
FIDELITY INVESTMENTS.... Key Makeup, Chris Riess & Amy
Hill Directors,Palomar Pictures,NY
McCORMICK SPICES.... Key Makeup Artist, Billy Kent
Director,Crash Productions NY
BREIL WATCH ITALY.... w/Talisa Soto, Key Makeup
Artist,Luca Maroni Director,Cross Productions, NY
AXA INSURANCE SPAIN.... Key Makeup Artist, Isabelle
Coixet Director, Eddie Saeta Productions,NY
WASHINGTON CAPITOLS.... Key Makeup, David Veloz & Doug
Limon Directors. Independent/RSA ,DC
SPCA LA.... Key Makeup Artist (Betty White, Linda
Blair, Tiffany Amber Thiessen); Synapse Productions,
AT&T.... Key Makeup Artist; Matthew Edgington,
Director, Circus Maximus Productions, NY
SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE.... Key Makeup Artist; Matthew
Edgington, Director, Circus Maximus Productions, NY
CNN.... Key Makeup Artist, Peter Caesar, Director,
Circus Maximus Productions, NY

  DUNE.... Asst. to Carlo Rambaldi (Kyle MacLaclan,
Alicia Witt, Max Von Sydow, Sting); David Lynch,
Director, Mexico
CONAN THE DESTROYER.... (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Grace
Jones); Richard Fleischer, Director, Mexico

  UCLA English/Fine Arts
JOE BLASCO Makeup Center, Hollywood, Ca
Apprenticed with Lizbeth Williamson, Makeup Artist,
Los Angeles